Points to note
Listings submitted with Fields entirely in UPPER CASE or without appropriate use of capital letters will be deleted and not approved.

Before completing your event information please ensure you have read and understood the information in the dropdown sections below.

BMFA News Inclusion

The events list published in the BMFA News is compiled by an export of information that you enter here.
The following fields are exported to the BMFA News, do not repeat information contained in any of the fields below in any other of the fields. For example do not put date or venue information in the Event Title.

  • Event Title:
  • Event Time & Date:
  • Venue name:
  • Venue Address:
  • Venue Town/City:
  • Venue Postcode:
  • BMFA News Excerpt:¬†**
  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Tel No:
  • Contact Email:
  • 2nd Contact Name:
  • 2nd Contact Tel:
  • 2nd Contact Email:
  • What3Words:

** The BMFA News Excerpt field is for any extra information you wish to appear in the BMFA News, not contained in the fields listed above. e.g. Price information ETC. Do not enter more than 25 words as they will not be printed.

Schedule Multiple Events

Where an event is repeated, either weekly or monthly, or any other schedule, after entering the date and time for the first event in the series, click on 'Schedule Multiple Events' and you can set the schedule for repeated events. You then create the schedule you need.

When you submit the event listing a listing will then be created for each instance of the event.

Event Categories

You must select at least one Event Category per event. However you should select all categories that apply to your event. Categories are used to enable us to have page listings per category.

The available categories are:

  • Achievement Scheme Event
  • Area Event/Contest
  • BMFA Contest
  • Club Event
  • Control Line Event
  • Drone/Multi-rotor Event
  • FFTC Controlled Event
  • Fly-In
  • Indoor Flying
  • Model Show/Display
  • National Championship
  • Scale Event
  • Scotland Event
  • Silent Flight Event
  • Swapmeet/Auction
  • Talk/Seminar
  • Team Trials
  • Training/Development
Venue/Location Information

Venue information is compulsory, when adding an event you can either select a venue for from the drop down list, or create a new venue if the location is not already in the list.

To Create a new venue click on 'Create or Find a Venue' then type the name of the Venue in to the text box and click Create. Enter address details, Address, Nearest Town/City and Nearest Postcode are compulsory fields.

This sets the pinpoint for the Map view and will be an approximate location. To provide an exact location add a Google Maps link and/or a What3Words link in the Additional Fields provided.

Any venues you create will always show at the top of the dropdown list in future.